As the reorganization of NRNU MEPhI with the transition from system of faculties to that of Institutes as Strategic Academic Units (SAU) took place, Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies was established in May 2016. That allowed NRNU MEPhI to create a world-class research and education center based on integration of models of scientific, education and innovative activity. LaPlas Institute was formed with departments of the former Experimental and Theoretical Physics Faculty, the Automation and Electronic Faculty and the Physical Technical Faculty covering shared cross-disciplinary scientific and educational issues in the field of laser, plasma, radiation, and beamline technologies.

Strategic goal of LaPlas Institute is to become the leading scientific school and the core of innovative development in laser, plasma and radiation technologies, with unique educational programs, essential both for the Russian and world markets of educational services.

Research and Educational directions:

  • Laser, plasma and radiation technology in industry, energy and medicine
  • Photonics, quantum metrology, optical information processing
  • New functional materials, metamaterials and quantum systems
  • Extreme optical fields, powerful lasers, the Mega Science facilities
  • High-temperature plasma physics, environmentally friendly energy on the basis of controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Synchrotron methods of research of condensed media

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