Artur Andreev

graduated from MEPhI in 2013

Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics

Head of the Branch of Complex Medicine System Development at the science and technology organization “IRE-Polus”

I’m 28 years old. By now, I work for the science and technology organization “IRE-Polus” that is a part of the international group of companies IPG Photonics, as the Head of the Branch of Complex Medicine System Development. I have achieved it by graduating from MEPHI.

I consider myself an absolute MEPhI student for it gave me an opportunity to achieve all the possible stages of education, including the first higher education at the Laser Physics Department (2013) that is now a part of LaPlas Institute, the second one at the Institute of Economics and Analytics (2016), and completing the PhD degree in the field of laser physics in 2016.

When I was in school, Larisa P. Saljukova, my teacher of history, once said I was one the few students that knew exactly who they wanted to become in next 5-10 years and had an actual “road map” to achieve that goal. The thing got stuck in my mind, and still I think every person has to wonder what he or she are going to achieve and who he or she are going to become.

As I finished  school, I knew for sure I was greatly interested in physics, especially in its applying to complex technical problems, rather than in theory and physics laws. The choice of further higher education institute had to be made between just three options: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MEPhI and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University). I respect the MIPT graduates for each of them is a brilliant person having completed the most challenging of Russian educational systems. I find the students of Bauman University competent specialists in engineering and technology. However, the MEPhI students is a very different matter. That is MEPhI that gives those fascinated by physics and mathematics a chance to achieve interdisciplinary training, as well as perform great in various fields of application of physical processes and implementation of modern technical solutions. So being asked about whether I regret or not having enrolled at MEPhI, I always say I only regret not having enough time to receive valuable knowledge from the MEPhI teaching staff.

I was officially invited to work for the branch of laser technology in medicine in the science and technology organization “IRE-Polus” the night after having defended my PhD thesis. It was a logical step after 10 years of training and 7 years of work for MEPhI. I was finally ready for such demanding and challenging, but interesting job. Currently, among all the projects on medicine laser system development many themes are based on various fields of medicine, so I have to improve my competence in this field every day. Therefore, my advice on study in MEPhI – take not only what you are given but everything you can take using MEPhI’s infinite possibilities.