Dmitry Matveyev

graduated from MEPhI in 2007

Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics

Research Officer of the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany


I enrolled at MEPhI in 2001 and so did my future wife, so I shared my life path with her from the start.

As we completed the 2nd year of study, we both decided to continue our education at the Department of Plasma Physics. Valeriy A. Kurnaev, the Head of the Deaprtment, played an important role in that choice. His sincere desire to help each of students, his passion in what he did became a major part of our choice. So now, as the years passed, I would like to thank him and the whole teaching staff of the Plasma Physics Department.

In the 5th year, Mr. Kurnaev offered us to apply for participation in the master’s programme Erasmus Mundus in the field of Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics ( Both of us were successful in the competition and enrolled for a course. Then the early thesis defense in MEPhI followed, as well as hours of packing and the first flight.  Under the programme conditions, we had to spend two years of study in three countries: one year in Madrid, Spain, half a year in Nancy, France and the final semester with thesis defense in Jülich, Germany. It was very exciting period of our life with visiting new places, meeting new people and cultures, and learning new languages. Also, study there was rather easy for us for we had high-level training in MEPhI. We graduated summa cum laude and both were offered to stay in Jülich and continue that scientific activity we had started while working on our theses as postgraduates in the Jülich Research Centre (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH).

We are currently still residing in Jülich. Having successfully achieved PhDs, we both are employed in the Research Centre as postdocs. My wife has started conducting research on plant fluorescence, whereas I have continued studying interaction of thermonuclear plasma with materials.

Of course, I’m trying to stay in contact with MEPhI. I meet Mr. Kurnaev and graduates from the Plasma Physics Department regularly in annual international conferences, including those I help to organize. I organized the International Symposium on Plasma-Surface interaction, Jülich, in spring 2017. It was a very important and interesting theme for the international experiment ITER that was placed at the boundary between plasma physics, surface physics and solid-state physics. Mr. Kurnaev and the Department’s Associate Professor Yuri M. Gasparyan presented reports there. So I continue staying in touch with MEPHI and am very proud of being its graduate.

During these years, our family has doubled. Our son was born when we were postgraduates, and now he will soon become a pupil. Asked about whom he is going to be in future, he answers that he is going to work in a research center just as his parents do. Perhaps he will start his professional path with MEPhI. The daughter was born in 2015. Although no one has yet asked her about her career goals, the whole family encourages her to make the same choice.