In the educational area:

  • Training of highly qualified specialists according to the prospective development of laser, plasma and energy saving technologies, in the framework of the technological renovation of the Russian enterprises, creation of the megascience-scale facilities, including Russian megajoule-energy level laser facility, as well as NICA, ITER, FAIR, and XFEL projects.
  • Increasing the demand for the educational programs among students and employers due to:
  • Introduction of team and project education forms in order to foster the crucial skill of cooperation;
  • Elaboration of integrated study program accounting for the need for comprehensive development of a person;
  • – Establishing the international educational environment due to:
  • Involvement of foreign professors and researchers into the educational programs of the LAPLAS Institute;
  • Involvement of foreign students in the format of training, as well as master and postgraduate studies;
  • Development of international academic mobility of the LAPLAS Institute’s students and faculty, in the framework of joint scientific programs and research projects realization;
  • Extension of the program of foreign training and summer schools for students and postgraduates of the LAPLAS Institute.
  • Organizing training of students in the leading Russian and foreign laboratories, scientific centers for laser, fusion, and radiation acceleration, and in the international organizations.
  • Improving the Institute’s own educational and experimental basis.
  • Formation of the unique application-oriented special educational modules, which can serve either as parts of the basic educational program of a student, or as additional modules of expert-level education.

In the innovative activities:

  • Development and industrial adoption of new additive technologies and facilities with semiconductor, fiber lasers, as well as laser, plasma, and acceleration technological devices and facilities.
  • Creation and adoption of the technology for material studies under high pressure and high temperature conditions (aerospace and nuclear technologies).
  • Research and development (R&D) activities in the framework of collaboration with Rosatom State Corporation and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) institutes in building Russian megascience-class megajoule-level laser facility, as well as NICA, ITER, XFEL, HiLumi-LHC, and FCC projects.
  • Launch of the educational programs to form highly-qualified specialists prepared to run startup companies.