Petr Konarev

graduated from MEPhI in 1998

Senior Research Officer, RFNC “Crystallography and Photonics” of RAS

In 1992, I finished the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №1511 (previously known as school №542) and enrolled at MEPHI in the Faculty “T” of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Having completed the 1st year, I enrolled at Higher Physics College that offered in-depth training in physics, mathematics and English. I am very grateful to the College teachers. Lectures and workshops were exciting and we never missed an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. I owe much of my success in future scientific activity to such teachers, as Elizaveta V. Sandrakova, Nikolay V. Miroshin, Eduard A. Nerserov, Sergey P. Andreev, Tatyana M. Alferova and others.

From the 5th year on, I started my work-study programme under the supervision of Aleksey P. Menushenkov (previously the Head of Higher Physics College, currently the Head of Department №70 constituting LaPlas Institute) thus performing scientific activity in the field of x-ray methods of matter structure study.

Having achieved an undergraduate degree, I enrolled for a postgraduate course at MEPhI. There I continued research on superconducting structure study and started collaborating with the scientific group of the Small-angle Scattering Laboratory of A. Shubnikov Institute for Crystallography of RAS headed by Dmitriy I. Svergun and Vladimir V. Volkov. In 1999 I was granted with the President’s postgraduate scholarship for study abroad that allowed me to get an internship in the European Molecular Biology Laboratory on the territory of the synchrotron center DESY, Hamburg. Following that experience, I defended the Ph. D. thesis in MEPhI in the field of joint study on various objects based on x-ray absorption and small-angle scattering. After some time following my thesis defense, I was invited to work in EMBL on the postdoc position and then was promoted to a software development engineer. Working in Hamburg was very useful for my scientific activity for it gave a unique experience of communicating in an international scientific group. Research was carried out on the DESY small-angle station with its major direction being study of biological system structure and development of new small-angle data analysis methods. In 2014 I decided to return to Moscow due to family reasons, so I continued my research activity in the Reflectometry and Small-angle Scattering Laboratory of A. Shubnikov Institute for Crystallography of RAS (subsequently reorganized as RFNC “Crystallography and Photonics” of RAS). Currently I also participate in reconstruction of the small-angle station of the synchrotron in Kurchatov Institute that was transported from Hamburg.

MEPhI will always be my alma mater, and I am sure that current and future generations of MEPhI students will uphold and carry forward its proud traditions successfully.