Quantum metrology

Why Quantum Metrology?

Quantum Metrology stands for

  • development of fundamental physical basis for creating new measurement standards and their experimental realization;
  • research and application of quantum object properties while designing new nanoelectronics devices;
  • opportunity of working in leading Russian research centers;
  • young and friendly research team under the supervision of the corresponding member of RAS, director of the Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS Nikolay. N. Kolachevskiy.

Why us?

Teaching staff of NRNU MEPhI provides basic physical education. Specialization of “Physical and technical Problems of Metrology” Department is based on scientific schools of All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Physical and Technical and Radiotechnical measurement (VNIIFTRI) and Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI).

VNIIFTRI is the major metrology center of the State Service for Time and Frequency, the head organization for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the field of defense and security, as well as the organization for metrological ensuring acusto-optics and acusto-electronics development.

LPI is the largest scientific and research center in Russia. Its scientific goals lie within major physics research directions thus giving an opportunity for scientific and career realization of most inquisitive minds. Seven Nobel Prize laureates were members of the LPI staff.

While being trained with the best quality of the NRNU MEPhI scientific school, department student have an opportunity to participate in innovative research and engineering that are carried out at the department and such scientific and research organizations, as VNIIFTRI, LPI, VNIIOFI, RFNC VNIIEF, RFNC VNIITF. Also, all students are welcome to take part in international internships, conferences and scientific workshops.

Scientific and research activity is performed on unique modern laboratory equipment that is located in the department laboratories, as well as in LPI, VNIIFTRI.

Directions of department students’ and graduates’ work are as follows:

  • development and creation of optical, radio frequency and small-sized innovative standards of time and purity, including the nuclear frequency ones; time and frequency unit transmission over distance;
  • Development and creation of systems for ions laser cooling in the linear Paul trap and further research on their optical characteristics for implementation of new generation of time and frequency precision standards, including the nuclear frequency ones;
  • Investigation of nanoparticle fundamental characteristics, together with creation of scientific basis for ensuring unity of measurement of the quantum dot and nanoobject parameters;
  • Development and application of modern analytical technology and methods for investigation of unique characteristics of quantum systems in order to implement them in hi-tech production.


The website of the “Physical and Technical Problems of Metrology” Department of LaPlas Institute that is carrying out training program for “Quantum Metrology” specialty: quant—m.com