Results of the All-Russian Student Olympiad 2017

On 19-21 May 2017, All-Russian Student Olympiad was held in the field of “Physics of Laser and Plasma Technologies” in NRNU MEPhI. It was organized by the Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies (LaPlas Institute) of NRNU MEPhI.

Over 100 people registered for the Olympiad. Participants were the students from the leading Russian technical universities, such as Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Bauman Moscow Technical University, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and its regional branches, other universities. In summing up the Olympiad, experts emphasized the high level of its participants’ training. Pursuant to jury members, the constant participation in various educational competitions is one of the most important winning factors as it gives great experience.

The choice of winners and awardees of the All-Russian stage of the Student Olympiad was based on the best results in the individual and team competitions. According to the jury decision, the list of winners and awardees is as follows:

winner – Nikolay Petrov, Lomonosov Moscow State University;

2nd place – Anton Kutlin, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod;

3rd place – Vyacheslav Savin, NRNU MEPhI.

Places in the team competition are distributed as follows:

1st place – NRNU MEPhI team;

2nd place – MIPT team;

3rd place – SarPhTI MEPhI team.

All winners and awardees received medals and gifts from the LaPlas Institute that organized the Olympiad. A laptop was presented to the Olympiad winner, a tablet PC for the 2nd place and an E-book for the 3rd one.

The State Corporation ROSATOM and the publishing house Urait that are sponsors of the Olympiad granted prizewinners with gifts.

Olympiad laureates received stimulatory prizes with the LaPlas Institute symbols.

Winners and awardees of the All-Russian Student Olympiad were granted with additional points for enrolling for a master’s course at NRNU MEPhI.

We have the training of specialists in laser physics going actively in our university that is why I decided to try and participate in an Olympiad dedicated to this branch of knowledge. I really liked Olympiad tasks for they were quiet tricky and not easy to solve. I would like to emphasize the optical coding task and its author”, said Nikolay Petrov, a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Department of General Physics and Wave Processes, the winner of the Olympiad.

We kindly invite University students to participate in the 2018 All-Russian Student Olympiad in the field of “Physics of Laser and Plasma Technologies”.