Energy saving high perfomance laser, plasma and radiation technologies:

    • laser technologies based on energy-efficient fiber, disc, and hybrid lasers;
    • materials research technologies for ultra-high temperature and pressure conditions (aerospace, nuclear technologies);
    • technologies of new materials synthesis based on the resonant excitation of atoms and molecules by laser radiation that are inaccessible by other methods;
    • new micro- and nanotechnologies for materials processing and creation of elements and mechatronics devices, electronics, and medicine;
    • development of processing technology for the blades of gas turbine engines, and new heat-shielding materials;
    • new methods of laser processing and modification of the superconducting current-carrying layers ensuring lossless power transmission;
    • high-performance energy storage devices based on the new technology of laser-plasma modification of supercapacitors;
    • compact (table-top) laser-plasma particle accelerators for proton therapy;
    • development of radiation technologies involving accelerators;
    • development of radiation technologies with high-power microwave fluxes.

Organization of effective technology transfer in cooperation with industrial partners in areas of semiconductor-, fiber- lasers, laser and plasma devices and facilities, development of advanced additive technologies.


IPG Photonics, GPI RAS, LPI RAS, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) (Germany), University of Lyon (France), Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT (Germany)