To entrants


Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies is waiting for you!

We invite you to enter the Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies of NRNU MEPhI.

LaPlas Institute is the team of leading scientists, researchers and engineers that are willing to help you in acquiring a world-class education and solve tasks that seem to be unsolvable. Our main goal is to teach you how to work in team and become a leader.

Let us be honest – it is not easy to study in our Institute. However, the result is totally worth it because together we will create a brand new future in:

  • new scientific research and discoveries;
  • new technologies;
  • new life style.

Studying in LaPlas Institute allows you to become not just a scientist or engineer, but a specialist leading civilization’s development. You will know how the universe works and thus will be able to rule it. For that who owns the information, he owns the world.

The specialties LaPlas Institute invites you to apply for are as follows:

03.03.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics

programme “Theoretical Physics”

12.03.05 “Laser Technique and Laser Technologies”

programme “Energy-efficient, Additive and Hybrid Laser Technologies”

12.03.03 Photonics and Optoinformatics

programme “Optical Information Technologies”

14.03.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies

programme “Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies”

  • “Laser Thermonuclear Fusion”
  • “Solid State Physics and Photonics”
  • “Quantum Metrology”

part-time programmes:

  • “Radiotechnics of Physical Facilities”
  • “Solid State Physics and Photonics”

14.05.04 “Electronics and Automation of Physical Facilities”

programme “Charged Particle Accelerators for Radiation Technologies”

16.03.02 High-performance Plasma and Energetics Facilities

programme “Plasma Technologies” (payment-based)

web-site of the Admissions Office: