Nina Voronova

graduated from MEPhI in 2006

Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics

Associate professor at the General Physics Department of NRNU MEPhI

Senior Research Officer of the Russian Quantum Center in Skolkovo


I have never been puzzled by a question about why I chose MEPhI. Studying there is a tradition in our family: both my parents graduated from this university, and my older sister is also a MEPhI grad. So just as I understood in high school that I am truly interested in physics and mathematics, the university that I should go in was never in question.

In MEPhI, I studied at the Theoretical Physics Department (currently a part of LaPlas Institute). I have never once regretted choosing it since the Department offered me unforgettable atmosphere, excellent teachers and an opportunity to develop one’s mind for everyone willing to do so. In particular, I was greatly fascinated by being able to be in direct contact with world science and participate in international conferences and schools for theoretical school that are held regularly at the Department.

The higher education in theoretical physics that I got in MEPhI gave me an entrance ticket to world’s leading scientific centers. Currently I perform scientific activity in the Russian Quantum Center in Skolkovo, as well as present reports in international conferences several times a year and participate in those conferences’ organizing.

My professional activity in the Russian Quantum Center is based on studying polariton physics. There are lot of projects, most of which are international and carried out in collaboration with scientific group from Great Britain and Germany. The systems we are studying allow for analyzing quantum mechanical effects on solid-state platforms, produce coherent radiation without a population inversion and create the so-called liquid light (i.e. to achieve superfluid photon systems due to their resonance interaction with matter).

Still I have not leave my university and give lectures in general physics in NRNU MEPhI.