Ivan Zaluzhny

graduated from MEPhI in 2013

Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics – thesis defense in 2017

Since I was a child, I have been greatly interested in science, especially in biology, chemistry and physics. Therefore, just as MEPhI Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №1511 started admitting pupils of the ninth grade, I took the entrance examination without a second thought.  After finishing the lyceum, I realized I wanted my life to be in physics. In the end of the 11th grade, I was advised to apply for the faculty “Higher Physical College” in MEPhI that only admitted those having finished the lyceums №1511 and №1523 and invited students from other faculties during the 2nd year.

We were lucky to have knowledgeable and competent teachers that treated us with dignity and respect. Also, apart from other faculties where lectures were given to a course of several hundreds of students, we studied in groups of 20-25 people for there were not many students at our faculty. Such individual approach to our study contributed greatly to the better programme understanding. Singing in the Male Choir of MEPHI in my spare time enlarged my horizons and gave me an opportunity to relax from study.

In the 3rd year we had to choose the department of further specialization, so I chose the Department of Solid State and Nanosystems Physics (currently part of LaPlas Institute) and scientific group of A. P. Menushenkov, acting Head of Department. The group is carrying out research of local atomic structure of different materials that is based on x-ray absorption spectroscopy. Experimental research is performed on big facilities constituting a whole scientific complex called synchrotrons. I had an opportunity to work on a synchrotron while going to DESY (Hamburg, Germany) as a participant of 2-month summer student internship. That one took place after I had completed the 4th year.

After having defended my thesis, I was invited to work in DESY in the scientific group of I.A. Vartanyants that was carrying out research based on x-ray radiation diffraction. That interesting and intense period of my life gave me a unique experience of working in one of the world’s leading synchrotron centers. Following that experience, I defended the Ph. D. thesis in MEPhI in 2017.

I have never once regretted choosing university, department or scientific group. MEPhI offers both fundamental physics education allowing you to work on actual scientific problems and basic engineering skills that are useful in professional activity. Let alone MEPhI has a lot of traditions, such as sport sections, choir, summer vacation in the “Volga” camp and many others making study in MEPhI one of the most exciting events in each student’s life.