David Blaschke

Contact information

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Kashirskoe shosse 31,

115409, Moscow, Russia

Institute for Theoretical Physics University of Wroclaw

pl. M. Borna 9 50-204


Phone: +48-71/375-9252

Fax: +48-71/321-4454

Email: blaschke@ift.uni.wroc.pl


University of Rostock – 1983


  • Ph.D. – 1987, University of Rostock
  • Habilitation Thesis – 1995

Present positions

  • Professor at the Department for Theoretical Nuclear Physics MEPhI
  • Professor for “Theoretical Physics”, University of Wroclaw

Research fields

  • QFT in strong fields
  • Quark-Gluon Plasma
  • Heavy Ion Physics

CV and full list of publications in peer-review journals