Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies
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Strategic goal of LaPlas Institute

to become the leading scientific school and the core of innovative development in laser, plasma and radiation technologies, with unique educational programs, essential both for the Russian and world markets of educational services.

Research and Educational directions:

Laser, plasma and radiation technology in industry, energy and medicine

Photonics, quantum metrology, optical information processing

New functional materials, metamaterials and quantum systems

Extreme optical fields, powerful lasers, the Mega Science facilities

High-temperature plasma physics, environmentally friendly energy on the basis of controlled thermonuclear fusion

Synchrotron methods of research of condensed media

Dear applicants!

LaPlas Institute of MEPhI is waiting for you!

LaPlas Institute represents a team of leading scientists, researchers, and engineers willing to help you in acquiring world-class education, tackling with the most difficult problems that sometimes seem to be unsolvable, working in team and becoming a leader.

Let us be honest – it is not easy to study in our Institute. However, applying to our Institute gives you an opportunity to become one of those creating the FUTURE, including:

  • New scientific research and discoveries;
  • New technologies;
  • New lifestyle.

Studying in LaPlas Institute not only gives you an academic training of a scientist or an engineer but makes you someone choosing a new development direction for the civilization. You’ll discover the very essence of the Universe – and he or she who owns the information, owns the world.

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