Alexey Soloviev

Our destiny is said to be determined by a set of occasions, and I think it’s true. There’s a great story about my choosing and entering MEPhI, but I better save it for the next time :).

While entering the university in 2012, I chose the faculty (that has now become the LaPlas Institute) almost by accident. As I finished a gymnasium in Riga, I had a pretty much vague idea of MEPhI itself, let alone its faculties. Yet I’ve got used to see my choice of faculty as a Universe’s gift even though at that time it was made almost without my realizing it, and education here sometimes seemed to be quite a bumpy road.  All 8 years of my education (4 years for Bachelor’s program, 2 – for Master’s program, and now at the PhD’s program) I’ve been studying in one group with Russian citizens and never ever felt like I was less entitled. The first three years were tough due to the high level of education in the university and a significant difference between Russian and Latvian schooling. However, friendly and warm atmosphere in student and chamber groups, friends’ help and support, as well as professors’ expertise in subjects have constituted a powerful platform allowing for successful overcoming of student life difficulties.

The Dean’s Office of the LaPlas Institute has guided us like a captain its ship all these years and thus motivated to continue studying a lot. Of course, there were some awful situations in 8 years of education. There were times I wish I could leave it all here and go back to Latvia. However, now MEPhI, and the LaPlas Institute with my Chamber in particular, feel like home, whereas all yesterday worries have faded without leaving a trace.