The department of applied mathematics

Head of the Department is  Nikolay A. Kudryashov (Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Honoured Scholar of the Russian Federation, Recipient of the USSR State Prize, Recipient of the Russian Federation State Prize in education)

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The Department was found in 1970. Boris L. Rozhdestvenskiy, student of the great mathematician and the RAS academician A.N. Tikhonov, recipient of the Stalin and USSR State Prize, became its first Head.
In recent years, the Department has been conducting research in high-performance computing, applied mathematics and statistics, data processing and analysis, and running new courses on information technology. The distinctive feature of the department’s educational programs is paying great attention to in-depth study of modern body of mathematics and information technology, and following the most recent trends of mathematics.
There is great demand for the department’s graduates in labour market as they possess a comprehensive knowledge base. Our graduates have successful career in state enterprises and corporations, scientific centers, and large, middle-sized, and small business entities, such as SC “Rosatom”, the RAS Institutes, NRC Kurchatov Institute, Sberbank Technology, Hewlett Packard, Yandex, Kaspersky Lab, Oracle, Samsung, etc.

Areas of scientific research and professional training:

  1. Mathematical simulation of physical processes
    • Supercomputer Calculations and Parallel Programming Technology;
    • Problem Modeling in Geodynamics, Plasma Physics, Mechanics, etc.
  1. Analytic Theory of Non-linear Differential Equations Аналитическая теория нелинейных дифференциальных уравнений
    • Development of New Approaches in Non-linear Mathematics and Physics.
    • Group Analysis of Differential Equations
    • Approaches in Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations.
  1. Data Processing and Analysis
    • Development of New Mathematical Methods of Data Processing and Analysis
    • Machine Learning and Neural Network Approaches
  1. Mathematics and Statistics, and Bioinformatics
    • Development of Methods of DNA and Protein Symbol Sequence Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Polycrystalline Material Properties

Educational programs of the Applied Mathematics Department

Non-linear Mathematical Models N. Kudryashov, Vice-Head, Professor
Group Analysis of Differential Equations N. Kudryashov, Vice-Head, Professor
Non-linear Partial Differential Equations N. Kudryashov, Vice-Head, Professor
Painlevé Approach to Differential Equation Analysis N. Kudryashov, Vice-Head, Professor
Symbol Sequences and Approaches to Analysing it E. Korotkov, Professor, FRC Biotechnology of the RAS
Mathematical Theory of Information and Coding E. Korotkov, Professor, FRC Biotechnology of the RAS
Probability and Mathematics Statistics T. Savyolova, Professor
Mathematical Statistics: Advanced Course T. Savyolova, Professor
Mathematical Methods of Processing of Data Generated by Chaotic Processes A. Kryanev, Professor
Game Theory and Operation Research A. Kryanev, Professor
Optimization Approaches A. Kryanev, Professor
Mathematical Methods in Economics A. Kryanev, Professor
Mathematical and Computational Fluid and Gas Mechanics K. Brushlinskiy, Professor
Magneto-dynamic Simulation Study of Plasma K. Brushlinskiy, Professor
Problem Solving in Computational Mathematics Using CUDA A. Davydov, Senior Scientist, Keldysh IAM
Parallel Computational and Program Models for Multiprocessor Computational Systems A. Davydov, Senior Scientist, Keldysh IAM
Mathematical Simulation Using Application Software Packages M. Chmyhov, Associate Professor
Modern Computer Software for Scientific Research M. Chmyhov, Associate Professor
Numerical Methods for Nonorthogonal Problem Solving K. Shilnikov, Associate Professor
Functional Analysis K. Shilnikov, Associate Professor
Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics K. Shilnikov, Associate Professor
Network Technology: Web-publications, Architecture and Security of Networks and Clusters V. Alushin, Kaspersky Lab, Associate Professor
Parallel Programming V. Alushin, Kaspersky Lab, Associate Professor
Numerical Methods P. Ryabov, Associate Professor
Equations in Mathematical Physics A. Gorunov, Professor; M. Sukharev, Associate Professor; S. Klimanov, Associate Professor
Complex Variable Theory: Advanced Course S. Klimanov, Associate Professor
Databases M. Kochanov, Associate Professor