The Chemical Physics Department

Head of the Department is Sergey A. Gubin (Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor)

+7 (495) 788 56 99, add. 9035

The Department was found in 1951. Nikolay N. Semenov, the Nobel Prize laureate, became its founder and first Head.
The first professors of the Department were academicians Ya. Zeldovich, M. Sadovskiy, S. Novikov, V. Kondratiev, V. Goldanskiy.

Areas of scientific research and professional training:

  • Computational environmental physics. Risk analysis and predictive modelling of consequences of man-made accidents and natural disasters.
  • Supercomputer modelling and experimental research on physical and chemical reactions in fluid, gas and solid Combustion, shock waves, detonation.
  • Theoretical research on wide-range equations of state for fluid mixtures, condensed and nanodispersed matter and materials, products of combustion and detonation of chemical energetic
  • Methods of creating nanoscale wires in superfluid helium under laser radiation.
  • Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulation of abnormal behaviour of matter thermodynamic properties under great temperature and

Future job opportunities:

Leading RAS Institutes (Institute of Chemical Physics, Institute of Geosphere Dynamics, Joint Institute of High Temperatures, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Merzhanov Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science), Institutes of the SC “Rosatom” and the military-industrial complex (RFNC VNIIEF, RFNC VNIITF, NIC Kurchatov Institute).

The Department’s courses:

Advanced physics workshops that are part of the experimental educational program include working at real scientific facilities in the RAS Institute of Chemical Physics. Almost all laboratories that students work at are running projects together with leading world-known laboratories as a part of RSF and RFFF endeavour.

Chemical Physics Fundamentals

Hydrodynamics of Fast Processes S. Sumskoy
Gas Dynamics of Fast Processes V. Shargatov
Chemical Thermodynamics S. Gubin, Yu. Bogdanova
Chemical Kinetics Fundamentals S. Kopylov
Physical Chemistry of Energetic Compounds and Nanoparticles B. Korsunskiy, P. Vlasov

Experimental Methods of Fast Process Research

Experimental Methods of Chemical Physics V. Aksenov
Combustion Physics of Energetic Compounds V. Aksenov
Materials Science. Technology of Construction Materials A. Karabulin
Important Issues in Ecology and Life Safety S. Kopylov
Chemical Physics of Low-temperature Ionized Media P. Vlasov

Fast Process Modeling

Physics of Shock and Blast Waves in Real Media S. Frolov
Man-made Accident Risk Assessment S. Sumskoy
Fast Process Multiscale Modeling A. Seleznev, I. Maklashova
Physics of Fast Gas-dynamics Processes V. Shargatov