“Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion and Plasma Technologies”

Program “Hi-tech Plasma and Energy Facilities”


Training of specialists in plasma technologies and controlled thermonuclear fusion of national thermonuclear program and the international program ITER for innovative plasma application in industry, ecology, and medicine.

The Master’s degree program basis:

The program has been designed and carried out at the Plasma Physics Department (#21) of NRNU MEPhI Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies.

The education basis:

Scientific and research infrastructure with modern experimental, analytical and computing equipment

Research activity in scientific groups led by world-known scientists

Students participate in performing contracts and grants

The program advantages:

Unique courses: “Plasma-surface interaction”, “Engineering and physical principles of thermonuclear reactors”, “Confinement physics in toroidal systems”, “Low-ionized plasma in technology and ecology”

Modern technological sections: “Surface analysis methods”, “Electric propulsion engines and their application in space”, “Plasma chemistry”, “Experimental facilities automatization”

Section-divided program allows for creation individual training trajectories

Student internships in the Russian, European, Japanese and USA scientific centers are available