Department of Material Science (Obninsk, Kaluga Reg.)

Head of the Department is Vladimir A. Stepanov (Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics)

✆ +7 (495) 788 56 99, 1214

  • Laser and beam technologies of materials

    • Radiation damage of dielectric materials, including the ceramic and nanostructured ones;
    • Modelling of physical behavior of materials in extreme conditions.

    Studies on structural properties of materials

    • X-ray phase and structure analysis, vibrational (IR and Raman) spectroscopy, construction composite materials microscopy

    Technologies and properties of new composition materials

    • Electrophysical, magnetic, optical, mechanical and strength properties of composite materials in the conditions of extreme heat loads

    Radiation photonics

    • Non-linear optical phenomena in fiber systems
    • Energy transformation processes in optical materials
    • Physical principles of detectors of radiation, thermal and electromagnetic fields
    • Automated laser technological complexes within the NRNU MEPhI Laser Center;
    • Linear simulator with longitudinal magnetic field with fixed power in plasma flow of 50 kW;
    • Complex of ion beam and plasma research facilities capable of generating flows within the range from 1 to 105eV and power densities up to 10 GW/m2;
    • Linear particle accelerators providing accelerating of electrons to an energy from 2 to 30 MeV, protons to 2,5 MeV; ion sources, neutron generators;
    • Laboratory of high-performance nuclear and physical calculations;
    • Analytical equipment of the Center for composites technologies and photonics materials of Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering that is designed for the complex analysis of structure of different materials, their mechanical, electrophysical, magnetic and optical properties.