Department of Physical and technical problems of metrology

Acting Head of the Department is Nikolay N. Kolachevskiy (Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of LPI RAS, corresponding member of RAS)

✆ +7 (495) 788 56 99, 9912

The Department is found in 2009.


Areas of research and experts training:

  • Designing of optical, radio frequency and small-sized innovative standards of time and purity for GLONASS and GPS, including the nuclear frequency ones;
  • Development of methods of contemporary gravimetry and gyroscopy based on cold atoms (atomic ensembles);
  • Creation of methods of quantum measurements based on sole atoms, ions and other quantum objects;
  • Development of effective applications and fundamental basis in the field of solid-state and surface physics and nanostructures, including creating of new energy efficient materials based on such ideas.