Department of Solid State and Nanosystem Physics

Head of the Department of Solid State and Nanosystem Physics (№ 70) is Aleksey P. Menushenkov (Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor)

✆ +7 (495) 788 56 99, 9020

The Department is found in 1963 with the active participation of the academicians I. Kikoin and N. Basov.


Areas of research and experts training:

  • Application and development of synchrotron methods for solving current problems of physics and technologies of condensed media;
  • Laser fusion of functional materials and multilayer structures;
  • Theoretical basis for non-linear optics of metamaterials and low dimensional systems;
  • Quantum modelling of condensed media;
  • Energy-saving technologies of energetics with applying high-temperature superconductors;
  • Shape-memory alloys: functional materials and micromechanical devices.