Postgraduate degree

CodeTitle of Training AreaDuration of education Form of educationScientific Specialization for Further Defense in the Thesis CommitteeSAU Department which offers a degree program
03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy4 yearsFull-time 01.04.02
Theoretical Physics
​Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics (№32)
Physics of Condensed State
​Department of Solid State Physics and Nanosystems (№ 70)
Department of Physical and technical problems of metrology (№78)
Plasma Physics
Department of Plasma Physics (№ 21)​
Electrophysics, Electrophysical Facilities
​Department of electrophysical facilities (№14)
Physics of Charged Particle Beams and Accelerating Technics
​Department of electrophysical facilities (№14)
Laser Physics
​Department of Laser Physics (№ 37)
16.06.01Physical and Technical Science and Technology4 yearsFull-time Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasmaDepartment of Plasma Physics (№ 21)​
01.04.01Methods and Devices of Experimental Physics4 yearsFull-time 01.04.01
Methods and Devices of Experimental Physics
​Department of Material Science (Obninsk, Kaluga Reg.)