Erasyl Khalymbetov


I would like to tell a bit about my entering MEPhI, as well as about the LaPlas Institute and the university itself. I guess my feedback will be the most useful for applicants from Kazakhstan.

I was schooled in a Russian lyceum in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where I successfully passed the exams. The MEPhI mobile admission committee that visited Almaty at that time made applying for MEPhI much easier. Good results in Olympiads (that of Rosatom, an engineering one) that regularly take place not only in Russia, but in nearby states as well also helped a lot.

Why entering MEPhI? There were several reasons to do so: it provides a lot of studying physics and math (these are disciplines I adore) and good infrastructure (dorms, campus, metro station, food stores – all in one place), and takes high position among other Russian universities.

Having studying here for 5 semesters, I can point on some advantages of MEPhI education, such as:

– first of all, you’ll be taught to be independent here and work on your own, it’s a life school;

– besides, the fact that you’ll be provided a really high level of education here doesn’t mean you can’t take it, so it’s always better to give MEPhI a try;

– teaching staff is quite diverse: there will be good lectors and tutors, as well as strict and demanding ones that are not always understood by students.

– the university provides lots of opportunities for those interested in sports; however, you should always remember that opportunity must always be supported by your willingness and activity.

– and a few words about the LaPlas Institute: it is mostly engaged in scientific activity. If you’re interested in it, get ready to work a lot because science is a serious thing, and it is treated so in MEPhI.

So, if you would like to get well-versed in skilled in science, MEPhI (and the LaPlas Institute) is the only way.

P.S. You can always contact me in the Russian social network Vkontakte.