International laboratory «Modeling of physical processes in extreme light fields»

The laboratory conducts theoretical research and numerical modeling of the interaction of high-intense electromagnetic fields generated at modern laser facilities, with elementary particles, atomic and nanoscopic systems, plasma and vacuum. The core research staff of the Lab represents the scientific school of Prof. Nikolay Narozhny (1940-2016), one of the founders of the theoretical strong field physics, whose pioneering work roots back to the mid of the 60-es of the XX century when this field of physics had emerged soon after the invention of lasers.

The Laboratory works in mutual collaboration with several theoretical and experimental groups throughout the world, including theoretical support for such large-scale laser projects as Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) and  Exawatt Center for Extreme Laser Science (XCELS).

Research fields:

  • Creation of elementary particles by superintense laser fields from vacuum
  • Laser-induced QED cascades
  • Plasma dynamics in the radiation-dominated regime
  • Generation of superstrong magnetic fields in laser plasma
  • Strong field ionization
  • Generation of high-order harmonics
  • Clusters and fullerenes in intense laser fields

Research groups:

QED in extreme electromagnetic fields

Dr. A. Fedotov

Prof. D. Blaschke

Dr. E. Gelfer.

K. Krylov

A. Mironov

Atoms and nanostructures in strong laser fields

Prof. S. Popruzhenko

Dr. W. Becker

V. Tulsky.

Physics of laser plasma and strong magnetic fields

Dr. Ph. Korneev

Prof. J. Fuchs


Applied Physics Institute (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

Ecole Polytechnique (France)

Extreme Light Infrastructure (European Union)

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (Heidelberg, Germany)

Helmholtz Institute (Ian, Germany)

Russian Federal Nuclear Center – VNIIEF (Russia)

University of Bordeaux (France)

University of Kioto (Japan)

University of Rostock(Germany)

Running projects:

Quantum dynamics of elementary particles and plasmas in extremely intense fields (supported by RFBR – 16-02-963A, 2016-18)

Generation of electron-positron plasma in high-intensity nonhomogeneous laser fields (supported by RFBR 16-32-00863mol_a, 2016-17)

Laser-assisted generation of magnetized plasma structures in targets with curved surfaces (supported by RFBR 16-52-50019YaF


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