“Laser Systems and Technologies”

Program “Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies”


Training of highly-qualified specialists in laser research and design, design of laser systems and different-purpose devises, new laser technology design and application.

The Master’s degree program basis:

The program has been designed and carried out at the Laser Physics Department (#37) of NRNU MEPhI Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies.

The education basis:

A range of basic and specialized unique courses required for training modern specialists in laser engineering and laser technologies

Scientific interests of a student are taken into account and complemented by a wide range of courses and thesis themes to choose from and big number of workshop hours

Modern experimental equipment in educational and scientific laboratories

The program advantages:

There is high demand for our graduates in the labor market as laser physics, engineering and technology have become one of the most dynamically changing branches in science and industry

A possibility of starting career by performing contracts and grants

As a part of the international program WorldSkills, students enjoy an opportunity to operate laser technological facilities based on high-power fiber lasers and pass a professional examination

A possibility of internship in European scientific centers