“Medical Charged Particle Accelerators”

Program “Nuclear Physics and Technologies”


Training of specialists for operating hi-tech devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in medical facilities, proton beam therapy, positron-emission tomography and radiation treatment centers.

The Master’s degree program basis:

The “Medical charged particle accelerators” program has been designed and carried out on the Electrophysical Facilities Department (#14) of NRNU MEPhI Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies.

The education basis:

The program offers a unique integration of two not connected physics branches – accelerators physics and medical physics. Since our graduates have to operate accelerators in radiation treatment and PET centers, the program includes the “Nuclear Medicine” subdivision.

The program advantages:

Operating accelerators for medical purposes requires special training. Such specialists study operating principles, physical basis, theory and main construction parts of charged particle accelerators, acquire deep understanding of the latest advances in accelerating equipment.

High attention is paid to acquiring practical skills on the operating facilities of scientific and educational centers.

Our partners:

Hi-tech medical centers

N. N. Blokhin National Medical Research Centre of oncology

Russian scientific centers

SC ROSATOM companies