“Quantum Metrology”

Program “Applied Mathematics and Physics”


Training of highly-qualified specialists in quantum metrology with deep understanding of physics and engineering principles constituting traceability measurements that are required for solving modern metrological tasks in the nuclear industry.

The Master’s degree program basis:

The “Quantum Metrology” program has been designed and carried out at the Physical and Technical Problems of Metrology Department (#78) of NRNU MEPhI Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies together with All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Physical-Engineering and Radiotechnical Metrology (VNIIFTRI).

The education basis:

Research activity in scientific groups covering different modern directions from designing modern metrological equipment to creating fundamental physical basis for new measurement standards designing, led by the foremost world-known scientists.

The program advantages:

The program courses provide advanced training in condensed matter physics, nanostructure physics, quantum physics, designing of equipment and facilities for metrological support of physical measurements.

Students enjoy the possibility of getting acquainted with a wide range of physical and technical and fundamental tasks in laser, solid state nanostructure and nuclear physics and participating in international scientific projects.

A graduate can lead the further career activity by participating in scientific and research projects, providing expertise or technological and management services in metrological support of nuclear-weapon complex and nuclear industry sites

Our partners:


National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB)

Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS)

All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements (VNIIOFI)