The international workshop on radiation plasma diagnostics dedicated to the memory of A. Faenov

The international workshop on radiation plasma diagnostics held in honour of A. Faenov will take place on March 27, 2019. The goal of organising the workshop is to recognize the major contribution of our colleague and outstanding scientist, Professor Anatoliy Faenov who passed away in 2017.

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Workshop program

Professor Anatoliy Faenov was a world-known expert in experimental research on extreme conditions of matter. Over 400 pieces of his pioneering work laid a groundwork for widely accepted methods of plasma diagnostics, especially in the fields of x-ray spectroscopy of multicharged ions.

The workshop will be divided into 15 lectures from colleagues and employees of Professor A. Faenov concerning the following key themes to which he dedicated his life:

  • X-ray spectroscopy of multicharged ions
  • Fast electron and ion plasma flows
  • Application of plasma radiation and corpuscular sources
  • High-energy-density physics
  • Atomic physics and exotic states of matter in laser plasma
  • Non-linear processes and electromagnetic fields in laser plasma
  • Strongly coupled plasma and warm dense matter
  • Laser-induced shock waves and equation of state of matter